Internet Service Providers in Rochester, NY

Below you will find a list of all available ISPs that service Rochester, NY. Please refer to the table to see if they meet your needs or your business needs. This list is updated and changed regularly depending on new services that are added or taken away. Please consult with ISP own websites to get more information.

ISP Rochester NY Information On Broadband and Satellite Internet

copper 1000 mbps AOR enterprise
fiber, copper 1000 mbps AOR enterprise, small business
fiber, copper Various AOR enterprise, small business, mobile
mobile 10 mbps $65.00 mobile
fiber 300 mbps $59.99 small business
mobile Up to 6 mbps $50.00/day mobile
cable 50 mbps $34.99/15 mbps residential
fiber Up to 622 mbps AOR enterprise
fixed wireless 6 mbps N/A residential
fiber, copper 1000 mbps AOR enterprise
satellite Up to 15 mbps $59.99 satellite
fiber N/A AOR enterprise
dsl, fiber, copper various AOR residential, enterprise, small business
dsl, copper Up to 7 mbps AOR enterprise
mobile Up to 0.768 mbps $60.00/10gb mobile
mobile Up to 10 mbps $50.00/5gb mobile
copper Up to 9 mbps AOR enterprise
cable Up to 9 mbps $29.95/10 mbps residential


As of 10/10/2018 Greenlight Networks is currently the fastest ISP in Rochester, NY

Fastest Internet In Rochester NY

This ISP offers speeds as high as 1 Gbps, which is the fastest available speed for residential internet providers in Rochester, NY. Wired TV service is available through GreenlightNetworks in Rochester, NY, but internet is only available with satellite TV.

Explanation of Terms


Copper (DSL)

The most poplar way to wire a home for Internet communication but not the fastest. DSL type internet connection uses copper telephone lines to transmit data. With limited bandwith, companies that have a huge demand for internet usage should not use copper for their internet infrastructure.


The superior choice over copper for Internet communication for multiple reasons. Fiber optic cables are faster, more durable, and more stable. Just how fast are fiber optic cables? 31 percent slower than the speed a light according to research.

Mobile (Wireless)

Convenient but limited bandwith. Mobile Internet is for personal use.


Faster than DSL but still nowhere near fiber optics. This is 2nd most popular Internet connection type in the world (DSL being the first).


With 10mbs being the average speed for satellite Internet, there is not much potential for high demand internet businesses but for personal use satellite Internet is quite convenient.
fixed wireless



Short for megabits per second, a measure of data transfer speed (a megabit is equal to one million bits). Network transmissions, for example, are generally measured in Mbps.


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