High Speed Internet Technology Changing The Face Of The Catering Industry

2015 was a big year for catering. The industry reached $52.3 billion according to Technomic, the research company dedicated to the foodservice industry and all facets of it. In fact Technomic reported 64 percent of all catering dollars were spent at restaurants. Grocers and catering-only businesses once monopolized the catering market but research shows that, restaurants are solidifying more of a market presence year after year. Restaurants like The Original Charbroil House & Charbroil Catering Inc.

When It Comes To The Lucrative Catering Industry Restaurants Want A Piece of The Pie (Pun Intended)

So what is this reason in the growth of the catering industry and why are so many small, independent restaurants are expanding into the catering business? Adding a catering branch to a restaurant can increase revenue as much as 100% in some cases. Dave Palumbo, owner and operator of The Original Charbroil House & Charbroil Catering Inc., shares his words of wisdom of how adding a catering service has increased his business revenue significantly.

“Our catering business has been only increasing year after year. People in Rochester, New York already know us as their go to spot for a restaurant that serves great home-cooked charbroil food but now we have been growing are clientele to cater are food to families and businesses of all kinds and for all kinds of events.”

High Speed Internet Is Also A Catalyst

On the other side of the coin it’s technology that’s growing the catering industry by leaps and bounds. Namely, high speed internet. Ordering catering online is becoming a new norm and companies like EzCater Inc. now have more than 60,000 restaurants and caterers as users. online catering is a powerful catalyst that is taking the existing growth of the catering industry and multiplying it extensively. EzCater provides online catering services to restaurants for special events and parties. It’s completely online and EzCater utilizes high speed internet tech like fiberwire to get orders done fast and accurately.

As companies like EzCater continue to grow and more foodservice businesses continue to utilized the power of the Internet experts predict the catering industry to only continue to grow by leaps and bounds.